Operations Manager

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As Clik’s Operations Manager your role will include:

  • Reporting to the Director of Operations and Risk
  • Ensuring the business operates in line with Clik's mission statement
  • Working towards the constant improvement of the operational systems, processes and policies to better support management reporting, information flow among departments, business process, and organizational planning.
  • Driving and implementing initiatives that contribute to long-term operational excellence
  • Managing and increasing the efficiency of Clik’s departments, through improvements to each function as well as coordination and communication between the different business functions
  • Coordinating activities that affect operational decisions and business requirements
  • Planning, scheduling, and reviewing workload and manpower to make sure targets are being met on a cost-effective basis
  • Overseeing administration, procurement, and office management departments
  • Ensuring that communication between departments is ongoing and utilized to maintain an environment of continuous improvement
  • Working with the Data Protection Officer to oversee and maintaining the Record and Information Management System
  • Drafting, reviewing, and finalizing documentation including reports and legal documents
  • Liaising with all the relevant third parties
  • Reviewing and finalizing requests for equipment/software needs
  • Maintaining a productive, friendly working environment; and maintaining access to quality equipment
  • Overseeing general office maintenance, coordinating the repair and replacement of office equipment, ordering furniture and other office equipment, and liaising with sub-contractors and building management


We are looking for someone who ideally has:

  • Proficiency in English and Khmer
  • The ability to work autonomously and efficiently problem solve
  • 3+ years of relevant experience in management, operations, or project management
  • A tendency to be highly accurate and detail orientated
  • Experience working with a tight deadline
  • Confidence working in highly dynamic and rapidly evolving environments
  • excellent communication skills
  • The ability to build a consensus and relationships among managers, partners, and employees
  • Knack for being tech-savvy, up to date, and comfortable with the latest online communication and productivity tools
  • A strong understanding of financial management and standard operating processes
  • An eagerness to observe our strong and value-driven culture

What we offer

Our employees are the are the heart and soul of Clik. When you work with us you’ll get the best training, some fantastic incentives and a working environment that is exciting, challenging and full of opportunities. We also believe in striking a good work / life balance and outside of the office Clik will provide you with support ranging from phone bill allowances and health insurance to paid maternity and paternity leave.

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Sound like the job for you?

Send your CV and cover letter to careers@clik.asia to apply.